Active Projects

1. Body building rehabilitated Inv. no. 11110105
2. Compensating assembly on the gas pipe no. 2
3. Ventilation installation of the Harbor Laboratory building
4. Mounting of the second steam boiler in the boiler Port
5. Modernization of the fire-loading pipeline in the park reservoirs 8x50.000mc
6. Pergola car S.P. South
7. Modernization of the storage tank R2-S.P product. Port
8. Modernization of the guard post building No. 1
9.  Modernization of the dispatcher building S.P. Port
10. Modernization of the buffet  building S.P. Port (Inv no 11,122,432)
11. Rehabilitation of the Dn gasoline pipe loading ramp 250mm CF SP South
12. The gas pipeline rehabilitation tractors - gate 6
13. Pipe Dn 350mm Rehabilitation humpback area - P6 SP South
14. Installation Modernization of the barge unloading gasoline Dana 74 SP Port (design)
15. Diesel from barges unloading installation Modernization Dana 70 SP Port (design)