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OIL TERMINAL S.A. Constanta has a strategical location in the Black Sea area, being the largest operator on sea, specialized in crude oil, petroleum and liquid chemical products, other products and raw materials’ handling for import/export and transit.

OIL TERMINAL Constanta is one of the greatest petroleum terminals in south-east Europe.S.C. OIL TERMINAL Constanta was settled in 1898, under the name STEAUA ROMÂNĂ until 1990, the company having run under different names.

In 1990, according law 31/1990, by Romanian Government Decision no. 1200/12.11.1990, S.C. OIL TERMINAL S.A. Constanta has been settled, the organisation form being a company on shares with state major capital.

The location advantages providing strategical position are:

  • terminal at Black Sea;
  • access to rail, road ways;
  • existence of three large storage farms, provided with shoretanks in which products are handled, of total storage capacity of 1700000 C.M.;
  • loading/discharging capacities of petroleum, chemical products at rail platforms wih a total length of 30 km.;
  • transport pipelines for petroleum, chemical products loading/discharging.

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