Equipments and facilities are:

  • Petroleum terminal has 7 operational jetties
  • Jetties allow berthage of vessels up to 165,000 dwt. capacity
  • Connection between storage farms and jetties is done by a 15 km. underground and overground pipelines network
  • Pipelines total length is 50 km.

OIL TERMINAL  S.A.has three storage farms through which the following products are handled: crude oil, gasoline, gas oil, fuel oil, chemical and petrochemical products, oils from import or for export and transit.

Each storage is provided with the followings:

  • storage farms with capacities of 1,500-50,000 C.M. of metallic construction, cylindrical, vertical, overground, provided with concrete safety belts, fixed and floating roofs and safety facilities;
  • facilities for waste waters catching and cleaning;
  • facilities for petroleum and liquid chemical products loading/discharging of 30 km. total length railplatforms, provided with remote loading equipments;
  • transport pipelines of 100 and 1,000 mm.for loading/discharging into/from vessels of crude oil, petroleum, petrochemical, liquid chemical products and oils;
  • pumps’ control facilities located by jetties, for gasoline, gas oil’ loading and crude oil’ discharging;
  • laboratories provided with physical, chemical analyses.