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Societatea Oil Terminal announces the extension of candidature deposit term for the positions – General Director and Financial Director since the initial date of 08.12.2016 until 22.01.2017.



is hiring


Oil Terminal SA („Company”) is a company having its registered headquarters in Constanta, specializing in the handling and storing of crude oil, petroleum-based products, chemical and petro-chemical products. The Company is listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, tier I, symbol OIL.  More information about the Company is available at and

In view of continuing the implementation of the corporate governance system, the Company is hiring a  


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according to the provisions of Government Emergency Ordinance no. 109/ 2011, as subsequently amended.

The CEO shall organize and manage the current activity of the company in accordance with the articles
of incorporation  and the approved management plan, his/hers performance being measured
through a set of financial and non-financial KPIs to be included in the management agreement negotiated
and agreed with
the Board of Directors, for the purpose of the company achieving
the objectives set by the management plan to be approved in accordance with the applicable law.


The CFO will be mainly responsible for organizing and m anaging the financial and accounting activities, development and implementation of a financial strategy and of an integrated system for the management of company’s resources.


Selection criteria. Each of the candidate for the position of CEO and CFO, Romanian or foreign individuals, will be assessed and selected according to the following requirements:



Mandatory requirements:

1.     Bachelor degree (long term studies) in economics, technical or legal studies in Romania or abroad;

2.     Experience of:

a.      at least 10 years, of which at least 5 years top management experience in companies of comparable size with Oil Terminal, in Romania or abroad (at least 500 employees or at least EUR 25 million turnover) or

b.     at least 10 years in financial, commercial or management consultancy out of which at least 5 years experience in managing / coordinating projects with an aggregate value / budget of at least EUR 25 million;

3.     Experience in designing and implementing development strategies, optimization and modernization of companies;

4.     Impeccable professional and personal reputation;

5.     Fluent in English.

Requirements that constitute advantages:

1.     MBA / EMBA graduate;

2.     Experience in the oil and gas, chemical products, logistics or port operations;

3.     Experience in commodities trading or investment management activities;

4.     Proven knowledge of corporate governance and strategy, including risk management;

5.     Knowledge of capital markets;

6.     Experience in training, coordination and development of teams/ staff and succession planning;

7.     Relevant experience and proven negotiation skills in dealing with the social partners;

8.     Experience in communicating and dealing with the relevant stakeholders;

9.     Experience in implementation of ERP and Project Management systems;

10.  Proven strategic vision.



Mandatory requirements:

1.     Bachelor degree (long term studies) in economics;

2.     At least one specialization/professional certification as financial auditor ( CAFR member) and/or accounting expert ( CECCAR member) and/or tax advisor (CCF member) and/or ACCA-UK member (occupational scheme) and/or CFA member;

3.     Experience:

a.      at least 10 years in financial accounting, out of which at least 5 years in management positions (chief accountant, economic/financial director) and at least 3 years in companies with at least EUR 25 million turnover, or

b.     at least 10 years in financial, commercial or management consultancy our of which at least 5 years experience in managing/ coordinating projects with an aggregate value/ budget of at least EUR 25 million;

4.     Experience in implementation and use of complex ERP and Business Intelligence systems;

5.     Knowledge and experience in the area of International Financial Reporting Standards – IFRS;

6.     Solid knowledge in the field of financial, accounting, taxation, public procurement, financial control, labour legislation;

7.     Experience in financial management – analysis, planning, treasury, reporting;

8.     Impeccable professional and personal reputation.

Requirements that constitute advantages:

1.     Postgraduate studies (masters, advanced studies, including MBA/EMBA);

2.     Specializations, professional certifications as those indicated in the mandatory requirements, but other than the minimal requirement;

3.     Experience in companies operating in at least one of the following industries: oil and gas, chemical products, logistics or port operations;

4.     Experience in public procurement;

5.     Knowledge of capital markets, companies listed with the stock market, specific reports of listed companies;

6.     Proven knowledge of corporate governance;

7.     Experience in communicating and dealing with the relevant stakeholders;

8.     Fluent in English.



1.        Leadership skills;

2.        Good interpersonal communication skills;

3.        Adaptability to different systems and environments;

4.        Team work skills;

5.        Ability to manage complex tasks and achieve set targets.

6.        Negotiation capabilities;

7.        Ability to motivate and develop the subordinate staff;

8.        Willingness to assume responsibility in carrying out the relevant tasks;


Benefits. The selected candidate for each position will receive a competitive remuneration, consisting of a fixed  and a variable component, consistent with  the responsibilities of the position, the effort in their performance and the achived results, in accordance with applicable laws and the general limits approved by the Company.

Documents for application. Candidates shall submit the following documents in Romanian or English: 1) Curriculum Vitae; 2) Letter of presentation detailing the manner in which they deem to fulfil the requirements of the profile as well as the manner in which they anticipate to contribute to achieving the objectives of modernizing the Company as described hereinabove; 3) At least two letters of recommendation from a former employer highly reputable in its industry; 4) Affidavit regarding her/his good professional and personal reputation, as well as the lack of criminal record; 5) A copy of an identity document; 6) Copy of diploma(s) certifying the graduated studies and any additional qualifications acquired.

Additional information. Submission of application. Requests for further information and application documents will be sent electronically by e-mail to and no later than Thursday, December 08, 2016.

Failure to submit all required documents within the mandatory term may lead to the rejection of the respective application.

By submitting an application, candidates implicitly consent that their personal data be processed for the purpose of this recruitment and selection procedure, according to the applicable law. Candidates selected for interviews may be asked for additional documents relevant to their experience or professional status.

The Company reserves the right to interview only selected candidates and to cancel the selection process at any time.